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    • Joanie Rowe
    • July 9, 2015

    Fantastic!!!! You really got on it and they are really well displayed. I love your work and I hope you continue to thrive in the art world. You really have such a creative style and it is so easy on the eyes!!! See you soon

    • Maria
    • June 4, 2016

    I love your collection! I bought 2 large infused metal reproductions from Lumen gallery, Capitola, last year for our office and I’m looking at more of your work for a room at home. Lovely scene, vibrant colours. Keep up the fab work!

    • Carolyn Shank
    • March 18, 2018

    Just bought Shell Beach and Pleasure Point to decor my remodeled bathroom. They are perfect – subject, color, size, materials, and of course artistic talent. So nice to have you local. THANKS!

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